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For my first summer in San Francisco, I’m drawn to creating fun and light crochet accessories that are also warm! 




 I love crochet dresses and skirts worn over other clothes, especially the great leggings so many etsy sellers are offering.  A recent favorite is this red version of Lily Chin’s “Lace Dress” as made by ravelry user bee-mee for her daughter. I wanted to make it in some perfect shade of gray, but now I’m inspired to consider red or a deep pink.  The original pattern and many of the versions I’ve seen are light or pastel, but it seems red would better suit the city as well as hide sandy water marks from walking in the waves.  It would also just make a great skirt by working the bottom half; probably I would wear it more often too…







Also in red, and this one I would definitely do in red and/or every color, “Phannie” by the Berroco Design Team.  This hat reminds me of a lovely knitted version worn by Tamuna when she visited last month.  It was perfect then for moments of chill and wind while walking the bridge and also quick stashing when delighting in crepes at Ti Couz. What I assume are front loop stitches create a great pinwheel texture and radiate down the hat.  I don’t know if it is sad or not, but this seems to be the perfect San Francisco summer accessory.