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I’ve joined the Home Cure (and Green Cure) on Apartment Therapy as it was so fun last fall to watch AT users brighten up their homes with the eventual finale of throwing a party in their fresh space.

It’s been a year since I moved to San Francisco and I’ve been honoring and celebrating creating a home here.  I live in a space with natural beauty and quiet while at the same time connected with the life of the city.  Last night as I was walking home, I again noticed my path from work is a path from civilization into nature:  the homes I pass steadily increase in size of outdoor gardens and then it becomes forest.  I appreciate so much about where I live, but I also know that I can transform my space to work better for my lifestyle (at least the one I aspire to!) and create a great space to share with guests.

This week our assignment is to set our intentions for the next 8 weeks.

My first ideas:

  • re-pot plants and gather more
  • organize closets so all our gear fits better and makes more intuitive sense
  • create spaces for my work in my bedroom, but keep them out of the visual area of the bed/relaxing space
  • find/make a credenza/sideboard for our dining area–craft cupboard!
  • make a quilt and pillows for my bed and bedroom couch
  • create and hang artwork

For the Green Cure (which is to eco-up your life)

  • go through my clothes and re-make some, give away the rest of the extras
  • switch out my current bed back to my organic wool bed–cozy!
  • tune up my truck–new fuel filter, get a tire gauge, etc.
  • get a bike helmet!
  • clean up my computer life–less paper, more organized

The space I have is shared with housemates, so that poses certain limits as well as adds potential for collaborative creation.  The spaces I want to work on include:

  • smallish entry way that leads to a split level (fung shui ouch!)
  • kitchen with some good plant space already growing redwoods, orchids, and avacado
  • open living and dining area which we have arranged once, but could be better still
  • my bedroom above the sea with a little sitting and crafting area
  • the backyard- really our favorite place with teak rockers and ocean view
  • the little front yard which catches morning sun and could use a sweet bench
  • two bathrooms, one also a laundry space

I have plans for each and am looking forward to this one step at a time.  Now to gather inspiration!