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I’m in the second day of Stephanie Japel’s teacher workshop for creating online knitting classes.  I only plan to make one actual knitting class though and that one will be to help knitters explore crochet at beginning or more advanced levels.  It’s been great fun so far, we are discovering the inner workings of ning.com and tweaking its features to create our teaching platform.

I’ve taught beadworking and storytelling online as part of an amazingly innovative education project.  It was a few years ago though and our students were subject to the whims of high school computer labs and slow connections so we kept the high tech to a minimum.  I look forward to adding video to these new classes.

A peek at what I have so far…

This is a sample network in process.

The network I’m creating is currently private and will become the hub for classes that are taught by me.  There are several amazing designers at work on their own ideas as well–it will be great to see what comes from this collective effort.