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I’ve been super busy for the last few days because I’m so excited about being part of the newest yoga studio (and art gallery!) in my neighborhood.  I’m on for hosting open studio time on Monday afternoons ~yoga, hula hoops, poi, dance, children, all are welcome.  It’s a space I’ve been needing for a while and I’m so happy to be part of the creation and sharing it with others.  A bit later on Mondays I’m teaching an actual class about understanding your range of motion and body mechanics and then using your awareness to go deeper and create new flexibility.  We are taking a close look at places in the body and their relation to habits in daily living, then experimenting with present range, and finally taking some long postures where gravity, strength, and understanding have some time to work on us for change.  It’s for all levels and fits with one of my favorite principles of yoga practice ~ simply making time to observe and understand.  As Yogananda says, when we understand and appreciate all that is positive around and within us in the present, it becomes easier to recognize those choices that will create more of the same and growth for the future (my paraphrase!).

Part of my busyness has been building up our online resources and presence, Please visit!

WestSide Art House Facebook Page

even howard yoga teaching Facebook Page

WestSide Art House Google Calendar of Classes

WestSide Art House map!

WestSide Art House Website in progress

WestSide Art House Yelp Reviews

WestSide Art House Twitter

More in the works!

(By the way crafty and yoga-y friends, I’m happy to help you set up your ‘social media presence’ anytime.)