One of the most amazing artists, in lifestyle and production of work, that I follow is Elsa Mora, I love the way she flits through medium and techniques and yet creates so thoughtfully within each. She shares enough of her life and the stories behind her art that one can walk with her, but still remain in conversation with the art itself. Her dolls are a dream and are just the thing inspiring a long term project of mine which is essentially an autobiographical dollhouse in a dress. Her papercuts are gorgeous finished objects in themselves, but as an artist of repeats and process myself, I appreciate the moments and mindset it takes to produce this kind of detail work.

Here’s her latest in paper. I could daydream for years in this and it might be finally the thing that pushes me to pull out the exacto and go to work myself.

The Secret Hand by Elsa Mora

The Secret Hand by Elsa Mora

Her etsy shop. Her templates if you would like to try your hand at the craft. Her book.