Crochet Groups on Ravelry List

No frills, just a list with the groups’ own descriptions. Please be signed into Ravelry in order to use easily!  Please comment if you find new groups.  This list contains groups that are only crochet or mostly crochet.  It does not include knit and crochet groups, unless I made a mistake.  This is to help crocheters find all the groups they might be most interested on

Crochet Groups on Ravelry

Last Update July 26th 2008 by Even Howard



200 Crochet Blocks CAL (Jan Eaton)

Anyone interested in doing all the blocks in Jan Eaton’s book? I was hoping to try them all and at the end of the year make several afghans with them. Don’t be shy, come on in!!


2008 12″ Crochet Block-a-Month CAL

Crochet a new 12″ block each month and have enough for a blanket by December!


Achy Breaky Needlecraft – Crafters with Arthritis

Crocheters and knitters with arthritis.


Amigurumi Style Crochet

For those who love crocheting amigurumi, this is a place to show off the cuteness!


Art Crochet

Expanding the awareness and possibilities of crochet as art. Feel free to discuss all aspects of crochet as art: links, tips, instructions and any other related material is welcome.


Aussie Crocheters!

I thought I would start this group for crocheters of all types in Australia!



Babette & Hexagon Blanket Crochet Anonymous (but not limited too) – For those of us who just can’t seem to stop


Babs Warner groupies

A group for appreciaters of Barbara Warners 60s/70s patterns


Baby Crochet

Crocheted clothing, blankets and toys for your little ones.



For those who are interested in bead-crochet.


Beyond the Square

This group is for crocheters (and crocheter wanna-be’s) working on motifs from Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs. Let’s inspire each other with color and texture in tiny little projects!


Big Lap Dogs Crocheting Group

Does your 80 – 150 lb dog think he’s a lap dog?


Broomstick Lace

A group for anyone interested in broomstick lace crochet.


Canadian Crocheters

A place for crocheters from Canada to come together, share ideas, links, and help each other in the wonderful art of crocheting.


Cape Cod Crocheters

A group for fiber lovers living on the far side of the bridges – and those who love to spend time on the Cape.


Cat-Crazy Crocheters

Crazy for cats and crochet? Than this is the group for you!!


Central Alabama Crocheter’s

For all the crocheters in central Alabama to come together.



Crochet Guild of America Members


CGOA Fishnet Crocheters

We are chapter of CGOA. Currently we hail from eastern MA, southern NH, and Rhode Island . We welcome anyone willing to make the drive to meet with us. Our meetings are devoted to helping one another excel and and enjoy the art and craft of crochet.


CGOA Men Who Crochet Chapter

A local chapter of the Crochet Guild of America.


CGOA Online Chapter

This is an online chapter of the Crochet Guild of America.


Chatham Crocheters

A group for the crocheters in Chatham County, NC and the surrounding area.


Chess Set CAL

A group where we can encourage each other to finish a crochet chess set.


Chicago Reef Project

Crafters who are crocheting pieces of coral reef in Chicago


Chicagoland Crochet

A group dedicated to crocheting in the Chicagoland area.


CHIQ Crocheters

Group for crocheters and contributors to the crochet world´s newest online magazine–CHIQ–devoted to edgy, high fashion crochet wearables.


CLF Laceweight Mystery Shawl CAL

Basically what the name of the group is…


College Crocheters

It doesn’t matter where you go to school, just stop in and vent, or share secrets to study and crochet/knit at the same time!


Coral Reef Community Project

A community project to create a coral reef using crochet for the coral and other fiber arts for the other sea life. It will be displayed at Gossamer August 23 & OMSI December 1st


Crochet – A – Longs

Have a project you are working on or that you want to try and don’t want to do it alone? Perhaps someone else is working on a similar project or would like to start.


Crochet A Plus!

A crochet discussion group for the plus sized gal!


Crochet and Felt Crochet


crochet book not in ravelry (yet!)

A place to list the crochet books you own that are not yet in Ravelry


Crochet By Faye

If you are a fan of Robyn Chachula’s designs, then this is the group for you!


“Crochet” Home Accessories

This Group is for all Crochet Designs.


Crochet Celtic Cables

Are you new to crochet cables or a pro? Join us to discuss tips & techniques and show & tell. Let’s look at traditional Celtic art work and strive to create crochet Celtic cables that are true to its name.


Crochet Crazy

Wanting to start a group of local crocheters in the Tupelo/Northeast MS area


Crochet Designers

A place where crochet designers can gather for discussion.


Crochet Dishcloths

For those of us who love to crochet dishcloths.


Crochet Dude Lovers

A place for lovers of The Crochet Dude’s designs.


Crochet Engineers

A place for engineers (and friends!) who crochet


Crochet Fair Isle

Interested in doing more in Fair Isle with Crochet? Join us!


Crochet Fashion Wearables

This is a group for Wearable Crochet Clothing. Designs from the heart. Hand Made with lots of love.


Crochet Fever

This group is for anyone who is addicted to crochet. Do you have tons of crochet patterns? Do you have so much yet that you feel the need to hide it from other members of your family? Do you crochet anything and everything?


Crochet For Kicks Magazine

This is where you find updates for Crochet For Kicks Magazine, brand new online magazine that is set to launch this fall


Crochet Hookers

Crochet fun for everyone!


Crochet in Ajijic

For crocheters who live in Ajijic or wish they did!


Crochet in the UK

A group where we can discuss crochet in UK terms, even if we’re bilingual.


Crochet Liberation Front Headquarters

We use hooks and are darned proud of it! If you are like me and are tired of the crochet apologists out there then raise a hook and cry freedom! (Knitters are welcome as long as they are nice to us)


Crochet List

A companion site to the Crochet List group on Yahoo! owned by Deb A. and Maria.


Crochet Madness

A place for us crocheters that have gone mad crazy over their crocheting. For beginners, advance, pros– a place to talk about everything crochet.


Crochet magazine

A group for the discussion of patterns and features published in Crochet! Magazine.


Crochet Maniacs

A place for those of us who are members of the Crochet Mania forum to gather here on Ravelry


Crochet Me

Fueling the crochet revolution. Won’t you join us?


Crochet Month on Ravelry

March is National Crochet Month and we are celebrating Crochet and Ravelry and Crochet on Ravelry. The party is here!


Crochet on Ravelry

Crochet sometimes gets the short end of the [knitting] stick, but not at Crochet on Ravelry!


Crochet Partners tm

Extension of the Crochet Partners group on Yahoo which is owned by Jean Leinhauser & Rita Weiss.


crochet potholders

For people who love to crochet potholders, whether to give as gifts or keep for yourself.


crochet purses

Do you not have enough purses? Well if you join my group you’ll have a lot more. Can’t wait for members


Crochet Rocks Podcast Group

This is where people who listen to the podcast Crochet Rocks (Formally Yarn Talk) can come and talk about it


Crochet Snowflakes

For us who love snowflakes even when it doesn’t snow out there.


Crochet Today Cal’s

Do you recieve Crochet Today? and would love to make some of the items but dont want to make them yourselves well here were starting a Crochet Today Cal.. Join us and have some crocheting fun!


Crochet Today Lovers

Have you discovered Crochet Today? Do you love Crochet Today? Well if you haven’t, rush out and get one, because it is a great magazine. If you have, then you love it so join this group.


Crochet Toys

All about our love of crochet toys.



This is a companion group to the CrochetBags group on YahooGroups.


Crocheted Christmas

This group spends all year preparing for Christmas by crocheting projects every month.

Crocheted Woolies

A group for Mama’s and Grandmama’s who crochet longies, shorties, soakers, etc


Crocheters Darkly Dreaming

Crocheters darkly dreaming of vampires, skulls, ghosts, monsters and things that go bump in the night.


Crocheters in Ajijic

For those who live in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico or wish that they were living there!


Crocheters of the Military and Military Spouses

The group is dedicated to those who are military or spouses of military who LOVE to crochet!


Crocheters Today

Join other crocheters in discussions and CALs about the magazine, Crochet Today.


Crocheters Un-Raveled

This group is for anyone who wants to help spread the love of crochet, here on Ravelry and beyond.


Crocheting Muslims

Muslims who enjoy crochet 🙂


Crocheting with Rescued Cats

Do you enjoy crocheting? Have you a rescued cat?


Crochetoholic’s Swap

This is a Swap where anything goes…We will swap books, yarn, patterns, or anything we desire! So come on in and grab that cup of tea or java and sit a spell and sign up, you’ll regret it if you don’t!!! It’s fun! It’s simple! And it’s Swap madness!!!!!!



Place to bring your crafts and chat with a great bunch of multi talented crafters.



Are you a member of Crochetville, the internet’s largest online crochet community? Join us here at Ravelry and on our website!


Daisy Loom Crochet

A group for fans of small looms, as seen on TV!


Desert Crochet Guild

A CGOA chapter located in Phoenix, AZ. All ages and skill levels welcome!


Etsy Hookers

We are a group of sellers of gorgeous crocheted items on Etsy.
European Crocheters

A place for crochet artisans in Europe


Ferosah Crochet Design Studio

A place to get updates when new patterns are offered for free and for sale at ravelry and Ferosah crochet design studio. Get help with designs by Ferosa Harold. Also get sneek peek at what new designn will be published in the future.


Figures in the Air

The elegant art of filet crochet


Finnish crocheters

Welcome to a Finnish crochet group! Tervetuloa mukaan virkkausryhmään! Keskustella saa muistakin käsitöistä ja aiheenvierestä myös.


Gastonia,Charlotte, North Carolina Crocheters

For those of us in the Gastonia,Charlotte and surronding areas that love to crochet. Share your favorite LYS’s to shop at.


Gay Crochet

LGBT Crocheters Unite! This is a place for all those fabulous crocheters and their allies to hang out and share our wonderful crochet projects. All queer and queer friendly people are welcome.


Generation XXX Crochet

Do you enjoy crocheting or knitting items that are a bit twisted and out of the norm? Do you wanna find other’s to meet with the same twisted sense of adult humor?


Get Your Crochet On!

If you love the Get Your Crochet On series with Afya Ibomu then this is the group for you. Grab those hooks and let’s get funky and fresh.


Getting Loopy!

Fans and guests of the Getting Loopy! talk radio show about crochet and fiber.


Granny Secret Swap

Thís group is for everyone who would like to join the Granny Along Secret Swap. This means swapping yarn, goodies and a small or big granny-square project of your own choosing.


Granny Squares

Granny square anything goes here! Afghans, triangle bra tops, jackects, etc. Show us your Grannies!


Greater Cincinnati Crochets

Crocheters from or associated with the Greater Cincinnati area.



Freeform crochet in the Netherlands


Haekelbeutel CAL

Come on! Let’s make a “crocheted bag”.


Hairpin Crochet

A group for anyone interested in hairpin lace crochet.


Harry’s Happy Hookers!

A group focused on all the crochet artists out there who love the Harry Potter universe!


Hook that Knit!

Are you a crocheter who likes to crochet knit patterns? Come on in!


Hooked on Hooks

For anyone who has a love (*cough!* *cough!*, obsession) with crochet hooks, and would like to discuss the quest to find the perfect one!


Hookerbear Creations

A place to gather for fans of Hookerbear Creations





Hookin’ Across Houston

Welcome to all Houston area crocheters



yes, it’s kinda catchy or a least gets a giggle. call it my way of trying to get more people involved in the handi-crafts.



happy overzealous optimistic krocheters of seattle


Horse Loving Crocheters

This is for crocheters who are also horse lovers. Come join and talk about horses and crocheting.


I Luv Crochet Afghans

Do you love making crochet afghans? are you a little annoyed that there are very little groups for us crocheters out here? Then Join me and post up your crocheted Afghans .. Lets show those Knitters out there what we are made of !


IN Crocheters

If you live in Indiana and you crochet, this is the place for you!


Interweave Crochet CAL

Now that IWC is quarterly, we can start crocheting all those wonderful patterns. Pull out those hooks and join in!


Interweave Crocheters

The magazine, Interweave Crochet, is cool…and so are our projects! If you love the magazine and find inspiration in its pages, share the love here.


Irish Crochet Lovers

This group is dedicated to the creation, care and collection of irish crochet.


Jimbo’s Travelling Hook

Community for those participating in Jimbo’s various “Travelling Hook” charity/fundraising CALs, as well as fans of Jimbo’s handcrafted hooks!


Kentuckiana Crochets

Kentuckiana crocheters (you know who you are)


Kid Crochet

Kid Crochet is a group for people who like to crochet for kids. Garments, accessories, toys, blankets, bags, anything goes. Let’s see what you’re making for the kids in your life.


Kitty Lovin Hookers

A group for crocheters who love cats and like to crochet things for our feline friends.


Lace Crochet

A group for crocheters who love to make lace wearables-shawls, wraps, scarves sweaters and more. Share pattern ideas, yarn ideas, and FOs.


Lakewood Crocheters

For those who love to crochet and want to show off their work and help others learn the craft.


Lefty crocheters

for all the crocheter’s who had to learn backwards.


Liberal Crocheters

..because there are some of us out here, aren’t there?


lj Hookers

Crocheters of Live Journal unite on Ravelry.



For Crocheters whose other internet home is livejournal.


Long Beach, CA Crochet Cafe

This group is for people in the LBC area who want to get together in real time with other crocheters. Coffee, tea, tidbits, and crochet fun.


Long Island Crochet

If you live anywhere on Long Island come and join us.(-:)For those who visit Long Island or once lived here or if you like to visit by virtual tour (-:


Madison Area Crochet Guild

An official chapter of the Crochet Guild of America, this is the Ravelry home of the Madison (Wisconsin) Area Crochet Guild.


Men Who Crochet

Men who crochet rock!


Middleburg FL Crochet Circle

Crochet circle to share our crochet skills and items with! Making friends along the way!


Miniature Crochet

Because they are cute and cost efficient!! Thank you Share, for this cute “blurb” about Miniatures!


Montreal Crochet

A group for crocheters in & around Montreal.



A novel in 30 days the crocheter way.


New to crochet

A group for new crocheters, whether their first craft or just new to crochet.


New York Crochet Coral Reef Project

Institute For Figuring – New York City Crochet Coral Reef Project


Northwest Crocheters

A group for Northwest Area Crocheters. Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon & Northern California


Northwestern PA Crocheters

This is a group for people who love to crochet and live in or near the Northwestern Pennsylvania area (including Oh & NY) Come on in and lets talk about what we are working on, what yarns are found where, what’s on sale, neat patterns, felting and more.


NoVA Crocheters

NoVA Crocheters Meetup Group


off the hook southern, nh crochet

Welcome! We’re a new group of crocheters who meet on the second Wednesday of the month at the new Starbucks on South Willow Street in Manchester, NH from 7 to 9 PM.


One Skein Crochet

Quicky Stash busters for the Crochet Crowd


Positively Crochet!

A place for fans of the book to unite!


Quilt afgahn CAL

This is a group to people who need advice to their quilt afghans and all who just need an encouraging hand – i know i do!


Recipe for SOCK-cess – CAL

A Crochet-a-long for crocheted socks!


Rochester, NY Crochet Group

A group for crocheters located in and around Rochester, NY.


Sacramento Crochet Guild

Sacramento Crochet Guild


Scots can hook too.

The place for Scots or lovers of Scotland to promote crochet and have a wee blether


Seamless Crochet

A group for crocheters who dislike sewing up seams! Discuss patterns, designs techniques etc. here
Sensual Crochet

For anyone who is crocheting a project from the book by Amy Swenson. Or anyone who just wants to talk about the book.


Sherri Crochets and Crafts

For customers and those who are interested in patterns and products designed by Sherri Bush of Sherri Crochets & Crafts.


Silly String

Unique and artistically challenging crochet dares, swaps, and spot challenges! The Spot Challenge for April has just been posted, and do check out the Archives for past challenges that you can work on at any time!


South Jersey Crochet

for all those who are in southern new jersey and love to crochet. we meet every wednesday at penns grove/carneys point library from 10:30 to 11:30 am during children’s story hour.


SparkPeople Crocheters

This groups was created for members of who like to crochet, so we can see each other’s progress and completed projects. Busy hands help stop mindless snacking!


St. Louis Metro Area Crochet Club

Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois meeting in South St. Louis County 3rd Wednesday evenings.


Stitch Wits CALS /kals

A place for the locals and not so local to get together and crochet a long! Come on in and crochet with us!



A group for Crocheters who plan to participate in the prompts and other crocheting ideas presented on the SS site.


Tapestry Crochet

All about tapestry crochet


Teen Crocheters

This group is for anyone who is a teen and likes to crochet. Come in and ask questions, post pics and share ideas


The Crochet Club

Come in, sit by the fire, share your crochet stories, and talk about your projects!


The Crochet Side podcast

Ravelry group for the listeners of The Crochet Side podcast.


The Happy Hooker

A group for fans of the modern crochet classic that is Debbie Stoller’s ‘Stitch ‘n Bitch: The Happy Hooker’ This group is not affiliated with the book, author or designers in any way.


The London Crochet Meet Up Group

Want to meet local crocheters,finish a project and learn some new skills, come and join the london crochet meet up group


Tunisian Crochet

A group for anyone interested in tunisian crochet, or afghan stitch.


UK Crochet Coral Reef

Contribute to the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef


Uncommon Crochet

Crochet outside the box.


United Hookers

A group for crocheters of all levels and experience to unite and discuss.


Utah Crocheters

Live in Utah and crochet? … Join us!


UTD Crocheters

A sister group to the UTD knitters, for those that hook.


working moms love crochet

for all those working moms who love to crochet.


3 thoughts on “Crochet Groups on Ravelry List”

  1. Another, small one
    This group is for folks in NE Alabama and NW Georgia who love crochet and, like me have way too many patterns and stash and would need to live to be 400 years old to use it all up!

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